Unwoking work.

The modern workplace has become a hot pot for unchallenged radical thinking and left wing ideology. Our mission is to advance society based on a culture of reason, truth and freedom through free market initiatives. First up – unwoking work.
A message to
business owners.
We would like to thank you for choosing Unwoke and remind you of something important.

Don’t interrupt your competition when they are making a mistake. Let them fill their diversity quotas. Let them exhaust their resources, efforts and reputation on being “woke”. Let them posture about their so-called virtues. Let their employees walk on eggshells in their bubble wrapped offices. Let them think they are changing the world for the better. Let them think they are the counterculture. Let them issue public apologies in commercials and on Twitter for the crimes of simply existing. For improving the lives of billions through their services and innovations. Employing millions of people, contributing immeasurably to the local and global economy. Raising billions out of poverty. They have nothing to be sorry for. But they have chosen the path they are on.

So we urge you, to calmly sit back, relax and watch your woke competition implode as they do their hiring based on skin color, ethnicity, origin, gender identity rather than merit. Watch the quality of their goods, brands, and services suffer as a result.

While you base your hiring decisions on seeking out the best, brightest, smartest, and most competent employees you can find. People from all walks of life who above all else value the truth, hard work, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness. You have nothing to be sorry for. We thank you for your innovations, services, and contributions to advance the human condition. We're looking forward to working with you to keep your business running in top form without being destroyed from within by grievance politics and divisive influencers.

Let the woke go broke.

The Unwoke team