Pricing — $0
We believe it’s more important to build freedom-loving workplaces than to make money. With that said, we won’t make the empty promise that it’ll always be free. But for now, you can enjoy the fruits of our labor completely free of charge!
What you get for $0
Hire thinkers. Not activists.
Radar is our powerful candidate search engine. You should use Radar in combination with Switch to maximize your hiring capabilities. Both are completely free!
100% Anonymous
You're completely anonymous throughout the entire process or until you choose not to be.
More than talent
Intellectually courageous individuals with the ability to think freely when others are not.
Unlimited job posts
Look up candidates manually in Radar or create job posts directly visible to candidates in Switch.
Instant messaging
All replies to your job posts are instantly available in Intercom – Our instant messaging client.
Unlimited job applicants
There’s no cap on how many candidates can apply to your jobs in Switch while it’s live.
Micro job posts
To-the-point micro job posts in Switch limited to 500 characters. Spend time interviewing, not writing fluff.
Instant connection
Click-to-message to initiate the recruitment processes with candidates instantly via Intercom.
Unlimited search
Access potential candidates without limit or cost and contact candidates directly via intercom.
Lookup candidates based on skillset, previous employer, education and much more.
Jobs based on merit. Not group identity.
100% Anonymous
You're completely anonymous throughout the entire process or until you choose not to be.
Verified employers
Employers must go through a rigorous screening process in order to list their open positions on Unwoke.
Instant connection
Click-to-message to initiate the conversation with employers and invite them to see your profile.
Micro job posts
A new to-the-point format for job posts that you will actually have time reading.
Unlimited and free
There’s no cap on how many jobs you can apply to your jobs in Switch while it’s live.
Work in teams where diversity of thought triumphs over ethnicity, gender or group identity.
Just work. Not politics.
Work for companies free of grievance politics and divisive, manipulative influencers.
Merit based hiring
Get the job because you're the superior candidate. Not because of your "group identity".
Work at companies run by leaders who will never kneel or bow down to the mob.
Show your skills.
Sans resume
Ditch the resume and show employers what you're good at in a practical and engaging way.
Get employers attention
Your signals are visible to every employer on Unwoke looking to hire. Make it stand out!
Instant connection
If employers like what they see, they can instantly initiate contact via Intercom.
Short term projects.
Short term projects
Post a Channel and hire freelancers and gig-workers for short-term projects.
Find new customers
A new place to network B2B. List your services and offerings and reach new customers.
Instant connection
Instantly start the conversation with prospective clients and freelancers via intercom.
Direct messaging
Simple instant messaging
Simple and secure instant messaging designed to help you communicate anonymously.
Organized conversations
Intercom organizes your conversations by job posts and projects so you can easily keep track of things.
Build a culture of excellence.
A platform designed to help you build a culture of excellence, not decadence. We believe in the principles of merit. In the best ideas and the most competent people from all walks of life who value freedom, country, truth and the pursuit of happiness.